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PercyVites: An Interactive and Exciting Way to Send E-Vites

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out the PercyVites website and create my own personalized e-vites. I was really excited to be able to participate in this opportunity through PTPA Media and even more so because our son’s second birthday was coming up!
I love birthdays and parties – to be very honest I love any reason to celebrate and be given the opportunity to plan and organize a party. I love the thrill of choosing a theme and carrying it out from start to finish.
Both my husbands and my own family are scattered all over Ontario and through out several continents so it is not feasible for us to be able to mail invites to each and every person we want to. This usually results in us sending out a text message to family close by or an email if needed. I can not even begin to describe how much I hate doing that – I love invitations as they set the mood and excitement for the party to come.
PercyVites are unique personalized video invitations that are delivered to your invitation list by email. They incorporate popular licensed characters into a video clip with your child’s photograph and all relevant party information.

I loved how simple the site was to navigate through. My two year old and I sat down and he had to have Caillou! So we made our choice and quickly began to go through the pages to set up the invite; choosing our event date, details, email addresses, etc..

Our final invite came through to our email looking like this:
We were able to send them out to everyone in our family, including our family that live overseas! This was a first to be able to include them and they were very grateful for this. We had such rave reviews from everyone that received an e-vite. They had never seen something so  neat and interactive before. They loved how his picture was included and the whole video clip in general.
I loved PercyVites because:
  • PercyVites site was easy to navigate and enter the information.
  • At $0.99 an invite you can not go wrong!
  • They are eco-friendly! No wasting paper and they save you money on having to purchase stamps.
  • I loved the personalization. It was nice to know that each person that received an invite felt included and welcomed.
  • My child’s image was included in the invite! He loved being in a video clip with Caillou!
PercyVites have been awarded the PTPA seal as well! Very well deserved!

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Liberte Bebe #Review

Recently I was selected through Yummy Mummy Club to try out Liberte Bebe. This was the first I had ever heard of the product so I was very excited for my little guy to be able to try it out.
I generally do not purchase yogurt geared to toddlers as I do not like the texture, colour and the small amount of yogurt in each container. My eldest son used to eat yogurt geared to toddlers and as he became older he would refuse any type of regular yogurt which really upset me (he has come along way and now eats any type of yogurt!).
Liberte Bebe yogurt comes in two steps:

Step One is a plain yogurt with a lightly sweet taste for infants aged nine months and older. It contains whole milk and has a milk fat content of 6%! It also contains probiotics and Vitamin D.

Step 2 comes in two flavours: Banana and strawberry! It is geared for infants twelve months and older. This step contains a milk fat content of 5% along with probiotics and Vitamin D.

I loved how the yogurt had a creamy, thick texture to it but did not give the appearance nor taste of typical infant yogurt. The container was just slightly smaller than a normal portion of yogurt (which is great as my little one loves his yogurt!). He feel in love with the banana flavour. He actually ate three in a row before I had to stop him!.

Overall, Liberte Bebe was a huge hit in our home and I will definitely be purchasing more of the banana flavoured Step 2 yogurt! You can receive your own free product coupon by visiting their Facebook page and submitting your baby’s first time milestone.

I received two free product coupons for the purpose of providing my opinion to the company and the Yummy Mummy Club. I was not obligated to feature the product on my blog. All opinions on this product are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Natrel Baboo and Mom Central Play Date Kit!

Was so excited to go pick up my Natrel Baboo play date kit from Purolator yesterday!! This was an offer that was provided through Mom Central Canada. It came with so many goodies – just to name a few; 24x250mL Natrel Baboo tetra paks, Robert Munsch book, Sesame Platinum hits CD, crayons, $25.00 Loblaws gift card!
I have already started to plan the kid’s play date and have to say I am so excited!!! My youngest loves Natrel Baboo – we tried it out three months ago through a Facebook offer they had running for a free carton. It is an excellent transition from breast or formula feeding to full fat milk.
Some of the benefits are:
  • Lower protein content than regular milk causing it to be easier to digest (Baboo provides a whey/casein ratio close to that of breast milk – which is great for my little guy!!)
  • Has 4% fat content and is enriched with natural sources of omega-3 DHA and Vitamin C
  • An excellent source of calcium and sources of vitamins A, D, E and B6
Can not wait to come back and share the amazing time the children have at the play date!! More pictures to come!!
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