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Backyardigans: Sea Deep in Adventure with #KOBA Entertainment

How many of the parents out there have children that love the Backyardigans? If your children are like mine your hands must be waving right now! So you can just imagine how excited they were to attend the live show; The Backyardigans: Sea Deep in Adventure with a meet and greet!

The Backyardigans: Sea Deep in Adventure follows the story of five friends as they explore clues and discover underwater surprises. The five friends meet up with an Octopus and a pair of dolphins in this adventure packed show.

The show was roughly an hour long with one twenty minute intermission which was perfect for the kids in the audience. The audience ages really ranged from one year old children right up to junior elementary aged children.

The best part of the show for our family was a combination of both the music and dancing. The show really came to life! The music was energetic and fun ranging in style through out the show. The costumes and props were fantastic and brightly coloured that really helped to engage the children and catch their attention. All parts of the show were constantly moving and engaging from props dropping down to the backdrop itself.

The boys fell in love with the cast at the beginning of the show when they were able to meet them backstage. The entire cast and staff were excellent and so upbeat – they were so full of energy that really helped the children get over their shyness. The cast really went the extra mile to make this a special moment for the children that they would not forget!

The Backyardigans Sea Deep in Adventure is definitely a production we would go back to see! Everything was upbeat, fun and entertaining. A definite must see production for families!

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LEGOLAND Discovery Centre – A Dream Come True! #LDCToronto #review

LEGO – every child’s favourite toy! As children, my siblings and I were always building with LEGO creating farms, houses and our own imaginary worlds. Both of my boys are now fascinated by LEGO (can you blame them?!) and we were thrilled beyond words at the chance of visiting LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Toronto.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Toronto is located conveniently in Vaughn Mills shopping mall and the whole centre is situated under one roof. LEGOLAND is perfect for children aged one to ten.

The Discovery Centre includes:

  • an indoor experience with over three million LEGO bricks
  • two rides, 4D cinema, workshops, racing tracks, play centres and so much more!
  • cafe
  • school field trips and birthday parties

Upon entering the LEGO factory (through pretty neat sliding doors I have to add!) you exit into the Kingdom Quest ride. The ride cart sits four people easily and slowly makes it’s way through the Kingdom. The carts had their own little “guns” to shoot at the enemies which was a lot of fun – our youngest racked up the highest score much to his brother’s surprise!

MINILAND was up next and nothing could have prepared us for this part! The entire area was made up of LEGO blocks and represented the Toronto downtown core. It was breathtaking. It included the CN Tower, Rogers Centre and the waterfront. The parts were moving and the attention to detail was incredible – the boats were even gliding across the water!

My personal favourite part of MINILAND? That would have had to be the exhibit of Niagara Falls – the water was flowing off the falls and mist was going over the boat. LEGOLAND Discovery Centre really went the extra mile to recreate the beauty of Niagara Falls.

Walking into the centre of LEGOLAND is that dream come true moment for children and adults alike. LEGO play centres are everywhere for children to build their own creations (they almost looked like little pits full of LEGO!).

They even had several ramps to race their car creations down! Our boys loved the ramps and were convinced that we had to put our own version of these ramps in our basement. We spent quite a bit of time developing the perfect cars out of a variety of LEGO pieces and testing out the speed on the ramps.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre put a lot of attention into every detail – LEGO figures were everywhere and my Star Wars obsessed eldest had to have a shot of his favourite character of the movie. Can you imagine how much patience someone had to have to make this??!

Merlin even received a big hug from our little guy!

It was almost hard to believe that they even managed to fit a ride like Merlin’s Apprentice under the same roof as the rest of the activities – my husband and eldest son soared above us and they were able to take in the whole Discovery Centre from above.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre was full of excitement, creative fun and energy. It pulled our children away from their typical routine and focused on family based play. We had such a fun time and were very impressed with the amount of LEGO available to the children, variety of activities and free play areas. LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Toronto is truly a place to unwind, play and have fun with the whole family. We can not wait to go back!

Make sure to follow LEGOLAND Discovery Centre on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with important information.

Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada: Exploring The Wonders of the Sea

The ocean holds many wonders for children and adults alike. The magical and graceful movements of the animals of the sea captures the heart and imagination of so many of us. My children love fish, fishing and most importantly sharks (Shark Week is huge in our house!). For them being able to visit Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada in Toronto was a dream come true.

Both of my boys were a bundle of nerves as we set off to Toronto not really knowing what to expect from the Aquarium as this would have been their very first visit to any kind of aquarium. Stepping inside the building alone transports you to a different place. There is so much to see both above you and below you! My eldest son (also my little budding photographer was excited to be able to capture each  moment!).

Stepping into the aquarium after the ticket booth you are greeted by a beautiful globe of the world above. Below is a bright and colourful discovery area for children to touch and explore. Hanging from the ceilings are large skeletons and a large unique water tank with circling fish. There is so much to see just in that first area alone!

The senses really come alive throughout the aquarium. Children are encouraged to touch, see and listen. The lights are dimmed to really make the aquarium come alive – you literally feel like you are under the sea and exploring the ocean and the animals that call it home. The flow of the aquarium allows you to casually tour through the exhibits in a natural way while allowing you to explore at your own pace.

Some of the most exciting parts of the aquarium were the areas you were able to touch fossils, feel what a jellyfish would feel like and even touch a horseshoe crab! All four of us were scared at first to put our hand in the water but being able to touch the crab is definitely an experience we wont soon forget. We loved how each exhibit had so much educational value and encouraged our children to participate in the exhibit through touch and sight.

Our son was able to capture this fantastic picture of a Giant Pacific Octopus. This guy managed to terrify our two year old whom thought it was going to touch him through the glass.

Our eldest son’s favourite part of the aquarium? The Dangerous Lagoon.

And just like the name suggests all of our boy’s favourite ocean animals were there: sand tiger sharks, sandbar sharks, stingrays and so much more. A moving walk way allowed us to be able to really take in the whole experience around us as the animals swam beside us and above us. Our son was able to capture this fantastic photograph of the stingray as it lay above us.


And the man of the hour that amazed and terrified us all. Check out those teeth!

Here are some of my personal favourites photographs that I snapped during our tour through Rainbow Reef and Planet Jellies. This was my favourite part of the whole aquarium. The colours were so vibrant – I just wanted to reach out and touch the glass (which our kids did repetitively!).

I could have stayed all day by the jelly fish exhibit watching both the exhibit light up and the jellies changing colours. It was truly breathtaking.


The gorgeous moon jellies! What a task to try and capture these beauties!

The Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada in Toronto is an experience that will stay with us for a lifetime. There is so much to see and learn. We are already planning our return visit!

What would you be excited to visit at Ripley’s Aquarium? Have you visited the aquarium before?

Disclosure: I received a complimentary ticket to visit the aquarium. All opinions expressed are my own. Images are both my sons and my own.

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Medieval Times: Thrilling and Educational Entertainment #Giveaway

Brave knights, mystical horses, a strong and fair King and a beautiful Princess. This is what awaited us at the incredible Medieval Times in Toronto, Ontario.

When I was chosen to be a #MedievalTimes Brand Ambassador, I can not even begin to explain how excited I was! Anyone who knows me knows what a huge history buff I am! I love the Middle Ages so this was a dream come true for me – not to mention for my boys! All those moments of playing knights at home were about to come true!
Walking into the castle is like walking through a piece of history. Medieval Times goes that extra mile to make you feel like you have stepped through time and arrived at an eleventh century castle for a tournament and feast. After thirty years of experience (yup thirty years!) they have perfected the tournament!

Surrounded by history we were able to teach our boys about the Middle Ages in a fun way that had them craving for more. For the past week following the tournament we have researched on the internet and visited our local library for books on the Middle Ages.

Here are a few of our favourite highlights from the night:

See those lovely bowls above? I did not realize we weren’t going to be using cutlery and waited five minutes for a spoon while my boys laughed hysterically at me! They have since decided that we need bowls like this at home.

Our eldest son and my husband cheering on our victors! It was so cool to watch him take out his iPod and take as many pictures as possible for his school’s Brag and Drag talk on the Monday following the tournament!

This was our youngest favourite part! This beautiful bird was flying high above the crowds!

 Medieval Times runs weekday matinees (11AM and 1:30PM) for elementary aged students. This includes a thirty minute seminar, meet and greet with the birds of prey and demonstration. My youngest sister was able to participate in this when she was in elementary school and still brags about it to this day! You can find out more about their educational programs here.

Medieval Times and PTPA are proud to bring you a very special contest!

Medieval Times wants you to experience the magic and thrill of the Middle Ages for yourself and are hosting a giveaway that will see four winners win family pack tickets to Medieval Times! These tickets include both dinner and tournament! Pretty awesome right?!! You can enter via the Rafflecopter below! Good luck! This giveaway is only for tickets to the Medieval Times in Toronto, Ontario.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make sure to follow Medieval Times on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with great promotions and information!

Disclosure: As a Brand Ambassador with PTPA and Medieval Times, I received compensation for my participation. However, all opinions expressed on this blog are my very own.

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Dora The Explorer Live! Search for the City of Lost Toys: An Interactive Production

Dora the Explorer Live! Search for the City of Lost Toys landed at Hamilton Place this week and stole our hearts!
Our family was so excited to attend the live Dora show – especially our youngest son who is the world’s biggest Dora fan. He has us watching Dora re-runs over and over!
Hamilton Place was full of children of all ages excited and ready to see the loveable Dora and friends. There were little girls dressed up in orange pants, pink shirts and purple back packs. My son declared they were truly Dora-fied! Amongst those adorable Dora costumes was a diverse group of young boys, toddlers and adults excited to experience the magic that is Dora.
The entire production was an incredible experience. I kept wondering how they were going to make the animated Dora come to life! The casts and crew accomplished this in the most interactive and exciting way possible. The seventy minute live theatrical production included all aspects of the televesion show Dora – songs, actions, problem solving, language and all characters (including Back Pack and the Map!). There was also a short intermission that was a huge relief so we could get the kids to the bathroom and back, although our youngest was quite anxious to get the show back on the road!
The entire audience was singing, dancing and laughing along with the cast. I found myself clapping and singing right along with my boys (it is amazing how you can know every word to each song!). Dora had all of us involved in each part of the show clapping, dancing, stomping our feet, solving problems along the way as Dora and Boots search for the City of Lost Toys.
Each set change had us anticipating what new adventure awaited Dora and her friends. We were all anticipating the moment when that Sneaky Swiper would make his appearance. Our youngest was on constant Swiper watch and as soon as he saw that tail he would shout and throw up his hand “Swiper No Swiping!”.
Dora the Explorer Live! Search for the City of Lost Toys was an incredible experience for our family. It was honestly one of the most engaging and exciting family productions we have ever been to. I would definitely bring our family back again to see Dora and her friends.
Disclosure: I received tickets to the show to help facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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