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Kinder at the CNE #WW w/linky

This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending the CNE to witness Kinder Canada break a world record – the most people unwrapping chocolate at the same time! Pretty awesome right?!

Here are a few photos from our special day!

The live entertainment was fantastic – we were all dancing and singing in our benches. We had a little bit of rain but the sun came out to shine in time for the big unwrapping!

 We each received our own delicious Kinder chocolate egg to unwrap.
Then we hit the Midtown rides! The air show was also running at the same time which was pretty incredible.

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2014 Biosteel Training Camp #mazdafan #WW

On Monday we were given the opportunity to attend the 2014 Biosteel training camp in Toronto. I grew up watching Hockey Night in Canada and my boys share my passion with me so we were stokked to attend!

I wanted to share our time with you this week and I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we had taking them! See anyone familiar??











Can you tell we had a fantastic time?! Big thanks to Mazda Canada, Biosteel Sports and Mom Central Canada for this opportunity!
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We Have Flowers! #WW w/linky

When we first purchased our home we moved in at the end of the winter season and in our front yard there was this small size tree with white spiky branches poking out everywhere. Three months went by and nothing really happened to it and we were beginning to contemplate removing it. To our surprise weeks after we spoke about removing it gorgeous blooms starting popping out and it was the most beautiful tree I have ever seen!

This year it bloomed quite a bit later but now it is in full swing and I had to share it with you this week because I just love this tree!

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KRE-O Time #WW w/linky

This week our boys wanted me to do a KRE-O Transformers theme and here we go:

These are the boys favourite new toys in the house! They were super stoked when they were able to test them out as part of the PTPA program and they were selected as a PTPA winner! Which was definitely well deserved,

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A Prayer #WW w/linky

This week’s Wordless Wednesday post is in honour of my Grandfather. He has been admitted to the hospital and is having a rough time. There are so many wonderful things that I love about him especially his drive, his patience and his willingness to do anything for his family. I remember as a child all of our weekly Sunday trips for family time at his house, his incredible vegetable garden, him leaving coins around his house for us to find and so much more. This week’s Wordless Wednesday is all about him and a prayer that he remains well and free from pain.

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