DIY Front Door Decor

I wanted to add some flair to our front porch but didn’t want to spend too much. So after spending hours scanning Pinterest (my poor hubby!) I finally put together several designs and headed out to pick up some supplies for my own DIY front door decor. I am not too big on floral designs so I chose something that included more greenery and a slight pop of colour.

For this project you will need:

  • metal bucket (I picked ours up at the Dollar Store and I love it!)
  • bag of potpourri (I also purchased this from the Dollar Store)
  • stems of greenery, flowers if you would like at least two feet in length (you can trim them down to size)
  • foam to stick the stems in to (I tried to use Styrofoam balls – it can work but it was difficult!)
  • lantern in your desired colours (I chose black to match our new rails)
  • scissors


  • Arrange your floral and greenery as you would like it look while standing. Trim the stems to your desired length (I only took off a couple of inches as I wanted the arrangement to be at least two feet high off the ground). Place the foam in the bottom of the bucket and firmly stick the stems in the foam. 

  • Add the potpourri around the stems.

  • Remove any labels from your lantern.

  • Arrange your bucket and lantern by your front door. You can now play with the floral and greenery moving and bending them to fall as you see fit. We also updated our front porch by painting our railings black and it really made the front porch pop (we used to have white railings).


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