Family Movie Night Bingo #StreamTeam


It’s no lie that we love our family movie nights. We create a camp out in front of the living room television with blankets and pillows, make some popcorn and turn on Netflix for some family fun films or series.

Sometimes this can get boring for our kids so we have to switch it up and add some flair to our movie nights. Netflix came up with the best solution for family movie nights by including movie bingo – sounds fun right? If you aren’t sure about the movie bingo concept, you have your bingo card and as the words (like dancing, swimming, etc..) happen in the movie, you cross/stamp/sticker that box off. You choose before if you want a line, the full card, a square, two lines to be the winner.

Here is how we set up our Family Movie Night Bingo:

First print out these awesome bingo printables courtesy of Netflix. You can add some designs or stickers to them or even have your child decorate their card the night before to make it more personal. Let them get creative – it gets them excited and looking forward to movie night with their family.

Family Movie Night Bingo

It’s important to choose your family movie before movie night arrives. Save yourself the headache of the arguments and tears and have a system in place of who gets to choose the next movie and the type of movies that are allowed. There are some great films on Netflix right now such as: Maleficent, Tangled, Zootopia and The Princess and The Frog.

Family Movie Night Bingo

Now that your family movie night is here, prepare your family’s favourite movie snacks whether it be popcorn or licorice and lay out your drinks on a side table if yow allow snacks in the family room or in the kitchen if you  have a no snack rule out of the kitchen. Have your bingo cards ready along with markers for stampers or stickers to take the place of stamps.

Bingo Family Movie Night

All that is left is for you to get your movie started and see who wins the bingo game! Maybe even make the winner the one who chooses the next family movie night?! That ups the competition level up a notch. And once the kids go to bed – save some cards for you and your spouse! We had so much fun battling it out to be the Netflix Movie Night Champ!

How do you add variety to your family movie nights?

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