Healthy Goals Update

Well we had good intentions, we really did! Or well this Mommy did!! We lacked in some areas but did really well in others.
For our nutrition goals I am pretty pleased with how far my children (and hubby dearest!) have come. I now put many different types of vegetables in every meal I prepare and there is no fuss (a bit from my eldest but trust me he has come along way!). All meat that I have purchased in the past month has had the Canadian guarantee on it! It was not that much more expensive (I think that was what had always stopped me prior to this, I had this notion that it would cost that much more then the packaged meat that did not have the Canadian seal on it). I also tried many new cuts of meat and a greater variety (turkey, veal, lamb and ox tail!).  I swapped in some turkey mince into my meals that used to be solely mince beef and my boys did not notice the difference! We never actually tried quinoa – my boys just refused it and so did my husband. But c’est la vie!
Our physical activity goals I was super impressed with! We got out of the house for 45 minutes a day, be it either walking or playing at the park. It was such a great bonding opportunity with my children as I have been missing them greatly since I have gone back to work. I think we all needed this part more than anything else.
My own personal goals were left in the dust. I made it to the gym maybe three times in the whole month which led me to re-evaluate the whole gym membership idea – it is costing me way too much a month not to go! I have been trying to find a way to make my personal and work life balance but finding it way too hard! I have tried every organizational tip and strategy and can not find one that works!! Any tips are appreciated 🙂 I have two calendars, my Blackberry and a to-do book but still feel like I am spiralling (I have even managed to give myself stress induced acid build up in my stomach and a good warning from the doctor that I need to try to de-stress unless I want to make it worse and be off for more days from work)
Overall, I am pretty happy and plan to continue to implement all of the changes we have made so far into our daily routines – my personal goals will have to come with time I think. 


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