Lunch Box Lessons for Back to School #cbias

Are you already in the back to school mode for lunches? To be honest I am a bit dreading it! The summer has brought a nice break from the stress of packing the “perfect” lunch.

Live So Fab looked into the five basics to help prepare a healthy lunch and snacks for school. I love the way they have broken it down to include items from every food group so that your child receives a wealth of nutrition through out the day.
The five food basics for the perfect school lunch according to Live So Fab and parents are:
  • Healthy Snack: The fruits or vegetable portion of the lunch box. My children love to have strawberries, grapes, cucumbers, carrots and celery here. Peppers are another great option.
  • The Sandwich: Now this seems to be very popular among a lot of parents but what I have found with my kids is that they become too grumpy and irritable if they don’t eat more than a sandwich at lunch (I am blaming their high metabolism on this one!). When we do sandwiches we use breaded chicken or veal on a bun. The favourite in our house is penne in a tomato sauce or fajitas.
  • Drink: My children both bring a water bottle with them but I still fill up a container of juice for them to bring as well – usually orange or apple juice.
  • Homemade treat: My eldest son’s favourite part!! He likes to bake muffins, cupcakes and cookies so we always incorporate this into his lunch!
  • Salty Snack: I have to confess I personally do not include this part but pretzels are a family favourite.

What are your basics for the perfect lunch? Do you have basics that you like to include?


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