Our Little Garden!

I have never had a green thumb. I always try my hardest but somehow my plants and flowers never grow! When we moved, I made a goal with my kids that we would grow a successful vegetable and herb garden. We did as much research as we could, headed out to IKEA to purchase new pots, purchased seeds and began to start our own little garden. 
We also read up on growing sweet peppers from seeds that are found in the peppers you buy in the store. My eldest and I thought this was the neatest idea! From what I read it seemed really easy, just remove the seeds, dry them out and then plant. We weren’t too sure if it would work but we were definitely willing to give it a try. 
I was so shocked (and very very proud!) about the state of our garden. 
These are the peppers we are growing!  Will have to update you all later if they actually bloom in to peppers but I am so proud of them.

These are our herbs that we are growing. A couple of the mini pots had a wee tiny “accident” and fell off the counter so I am pretty sure they are not going to be growing anywhere anytime soon! But two pots made out okay!

Do you grow your own vegetables or herbs? Any tips for this newbie!


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