Spin, Crack and Splash with Watermelon Smash by Yulu Toys


The hot, hazy days of summer have finally arrived after what felt like endless days of rain and cooler weather. We are ready to play outside more but sometimes the same regular activities can get boring.

Cracking and Splashing Fun with Watermelon Splash by Yulu

Watermelon Smash combines soaking water fun with a bit of roulette making it the perfect game for parties, get together and any warm, summer day. The object of the game? Fill the watermelon with water or seeds, spin the wheel, ‘crack’ the watermelon on your head and hope you are not its victim!

Cracking and Splashing Fun with Watermelon Splash by Yulu

The Watermelon separates in two allowing you to place a rectangular piece inside which pushes/cracks the watermelon apart during the game. You can either fill the watermelon with water or use the packaged “seeds” that come with the game.

Cracking and Splashing Fun with Watermelon Splash by Yulu

Once the game is set up, players take turns spinning the wheel and completing the instruction they landed on. My favourite one to land on? Getting to crack the watermelon on someone else’s head! Once the watermelon cracks and either the water or seeds are spilled on the person, that person is out. The game continues until there is only one person left and they are the winner!

We LOVED this game! There was excitement and nervousness as you took a chance each time cracking the watermelon on your head, hoping that you were not going to be the one who gets soaked. I love the unique concept and hands on aspect of the game, you can bring this game with you anywhere easily. It can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor play using either water or the plastic seeds that come with the game. The game itself is easy to assemble with a simple push of the rectangular piece into one end of the watermelon and then closing the watermelon on the other side. It was a game that every member of our family enjoyed playing together as while it had a hint of competitiveness to it (you don’t want to be the one that cracks it open), it is based on chance so there were no unhappy tears at the end of the game just laughter.

Find more about the Watermelon Smash game on the Yulu website. You can purchase this game in stores at Indigo and Mastermind toys. Make sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest toys and games.

Disclosure: We received the above mentioned product in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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