That’s Coola, Tallulah!

Ever wonder what your favorite lovey would do if you let them be in charge of playtime? 

About That’s Coola, Tallulah!

Ever wonder what your favorite lovey would do if you let them be in charge of playtime?

Imagine being the fairiest of fairy princesses, the unicorniest unicorns or tea party hostesses with the mostesses. Seeing is believing in this carefree journey of freedom and fun featuring Stella Bella and her lively doll, Tallulah. They are inseparable playmates that get into all sorts of mischief. In the middle of the pair’s high jinks, Stella Bella’s conscience always leads her the right way until its tea time and the cookie jar gets broken. When Mommy discovers the mess, the two are separated. Will Stella Bella and Tallulah ever be able to play together again?

Our Thoughts

That’s Coola, Tallulah! is the fun story of a young, imaginative girl and her favourite best friend – her doll. Stella Bella and Tallulah go on some of the grandest adventures together and are as close as any two best friends can be (I am sure so many of us can relate to the bond that we have had or our child has had with a special character or stuffed animal). In this book, they are stuck inside for the day and must come up with their own fun adventures. And while their adventures are very fun, they are a bit mischievous and make the Mom in me say, “oh no – what a mess!”.

I loved how even though the pair were having fun, when Stella Bella realizes that they may have gone a bit too far in their fun, they work hard to fix their messes. Stella Bella will pause and let Tallulah know that they need to scrub, clean and fix whatever it is that they may have made a mess with. That is until they get caught breaking the cookie jar and they are separated for a bit.

We loved this adorable book. It was fun to read together, we had to laugh at everything these two got into. Some of the adventures these two get up to, I am sure your own child may have done at home. The book itself was easy to read and would be great for young children. Stella Bella has a beautiful imagination and I loved how this book brought her sense of wonder, fun and imagination to life. The illustrations were perfect and fit the character and magical fun of this book. This is a fun, creative and beautiful book that your child will love to read with you.

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About the Author

Cheryl was born in a small, modest town Manville, New Jersey. Her loving parents were Emil and Stella Hudock. Emil was a handsome, lively trombone player in a popular swing orchestra while Stella was a beautiful, young, junior model that appeared in the very first issue of SEVENTEEN Magazine. They were very supportive of their only child’s hopes and dreams.

As a young child, Cheryl loved playing with dolls and making people laugh. She loved mimicking different voices and putting on shows with her costumes from her dance classes.

Cheryl pursued acting in college at Brigham Young University and later in NYC at the Lee Strasburg Institute. Moving to Los Angeles, she decided to focus on a voice over career. She always had a unique young sounding voice. Cheryl has a wide vocal range allowing her to create little girls to little old ladies.

Being perseverant with many random voice jobs with the various animation studios in Hollywood, Cheryl managed to work her way up to become an award winning voice actress on the globally popular animated show Rugrats. In 2006 she received a WIN Award for Best Comedic Actress In An Animated Show. The Women’s Image Network promotes dimensional female media images and applaud film and television that advances the value of women and girls.

Cheryl cherishes the fact of being a part of such a celebrated global cartoon franchise. She regards being Angelica as a privilege and golden opportunity to give joy to the children and families of the world. The cartoon show allowed Cheryl many exciting experiences such as Rugrats getting a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, her character, Angelica being a guest on The Rosie O’Donnell Show, attending Rugrat movie premieres and even a Rugrat Live Stage Show.

She has collected tons of Rugrat merchandise that she would donate to young cancer patients in the hospital with a charity she was involved with called Famous Fone Friends.

Enjoying the notoriety of being on such a celebrated Nickelodeon animated show, Cheryl had other aspirations. She always wanted to write a children’s picture book. During high school, she excelled at creative writing and in college Cheryl started writing in journals. Lots of them!

Cheryl’s favorite children’s picture book is Polar The Titanic Bear by Daisy Corning Stone Spedden. This captivating story is told through the eyes of a young boy’s toy bear. It describes an American family’s travels in the Edwardian Era, culminating with their voyage on the famous Titanic.

Having the story told through the toy bear’s perspective inspired Cheryl to write her debut children’s picture book with this same approach. Cheryl’s book is entitled That’s Coola Tallulah. It’s a love story about the true friendship between Stella Bella and her favorite doll, Tallulah and the magical relationship that bonds them together at the heart. The story is told through the eyes of Tallulah.

Stella Bella and her lively doll, Tallulah are inseparable playmates that get into all sorts of mischief. The instigator is, of course, Tallulah. Stella Bella is always up for adventure and goes along with her fun loving doll’s desires. In the middle of the pair’s shenanigans, though, Stella Bella’s conscience always leads her the right way until its tea time and the cookie jar gets broken. When Mommy discovers the mess, uh oh, the two are separated. Will they ever be able to play together again?

Award winning voice actress Cheryl Chase gives life to the animated character, Angelica on Rugrats. Her debut children’s picture book, That’s Coola, Tallulah! is adorable as it is mischievous. This whimsical, wee tale of true friendship comes to dazzling life in Giulia Iacopini’s enchanting illustrations.

Disclosure: I received a digital copy of this book in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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