Unleash Your Inner Fashionista with #SNAPSTAR Dolls

I remember as a child spending hours dressing up my dolls, creating new outfits and hair styles. I loved every moment of it!

Dolls have come a long way since then – they have a new style, personality and the technology to show off your own unique designs. The possibilities have become endless. The #SNAPSTAR squad has embraced this technology and created a unique and exciting new line of dolls for young fashionistas.

The #SNAPSTAR squad is a line of six dolls that are fully poseable and come with a full outfit, accessories, removable hairstyle, green screen and stand and a cell phone! They each have a very unique personality that you can match your child’s interests and personality to to give it that personal touch.

The #SNAPSTAR squad consists of:

  • Dawn, The Fashion Diva: high powered, high fashion who knows what she wants and always gets it. She is constantly rubbing elbows with celebrities at the most exclusive events.
  • Echo, The Bedazzle Babe: a dreamy girl who floats through life with an easy attitude and outlook. She has the grace of a mermaid and is a hair and makeup pro!
  • Aspen, The Wanderlust: a wide-eyed wanderer who is always on the go and doesn’t mind living out of a suitcase. She wants to see the world and invites her followers to travel with her.
  • Lola, The 99% Unicorn: a ball of positive energy who sees the positive in everyone and everything. She is bubbly and everyone loves to be around her.
  • Yuki, The Turnup: a feisty chick who marches to her own drum. She loves music and DJs.
  • Izzy, The Master Crafter: is a green girl who loves the environment and recycling. She loves hosting crafting parties.

My wonderful niece, Shay Shay, had the honour of testing two of these dolls out and she was so excited open her special package. Here are her thoughts:

  • easy to open packaging (lots of tape though)
  • when I took my one doll out, her hair came off but it was easy to put back on but it really made me laugh
  • the dolls are really cute and really nice
  • they are great practice if you want to be a fashion designer
  • clothes are so nice and easy to get on the dolls
  • fun to play with
  • the app was easy to find and use

The dolls were a big hit with my niece and she sent me screenshots of her designs. I was so proud of her! Using the app (and her Mom’s phone), she was able to turn her doll in a star. You can change the background, hair, makeup and so much more. You can save them to your phone to share with others and upload to social media.

The #SNAPSTAR dolls can be purchased at Walmart and retail for roughly $19.98 CDN.

Make sure to follow the #SNAPSTAR Squad on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Sharing your creations? Make sure to tag it with #SNAPSTAR so that others can find your designs.

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned products in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and those of official tester, my niece.


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