Watch Netflix When and Where You Want It #StreamTeam


 “If you don’t like how the table is set, turn over the table.” – Frank Underwood

I don’t think my children can ever truly appreciate how far technology has come in the last twenty years (I would even say ten!). I remember growing up having to record on video tapes to be able to watch a show later or just being out of luck if you were not at home at the right time from school or work to watch your favourite show. I used to race home from school in order to watch Saved By The Bell! If you missed a scene on the television, there was no rewind button and you couldn’t just pause a show in order to get a refill or go to the bathroom. I still remember when we received the TMN guide every month and I would plan out my month based on when the movies I wanted to watch would be on!

Netflix has changed the way we watch television. Gone are the days when you were limited to watching series and movies at certain times of the day and month, gone are the days of being unable to rewind and pause and welcome to days of flexibility and watching what we want when we want it.

Watch Netflix When and Where You Want It #StreamTeam

While Netflix gives us the opportunity to watch television like never before, it the viewers that are determining a whole new schedule for television viewing. Thrillers for breakfast, comedies in bed and learning at night? All of this is possible now!

Watch Netflix When and Where You Want It #StreamTeam

In our home, it is Power Rangers and comedies before school, documentaries after school (the kids LOVE Growing Up Wild and all of the amazing animal documentaries) and action and thrillers at bedtime, for the big kids – hubby and I – of course! Of course the best part is this can change anytime because we have the ability to watch a wide range of shows, even though our youngest is currently making us watch Power Rangers Super Samurai the entire season for about the twentieth time.

Watch Netflix When and Where You Want It #StreamTeam

BONUS: Are you in Ontario and traveling this summer? Check out the new download zones before you hit Cottage Country! Now you can stop the tears and frustration during the long drives up to the cottage by stopping in one of the download zones to load  up on some great hits. The download zones can be found in these spots and dates:

Canada Day weekend

 Civic Holiday weekend

  • Saturday, August 5 and Sunday, August 6 in Huntsville – 37 Main St E

 ­­­Labour Day weekend

Talk about taking streaming to a whole new level!

How has watching television in your home changed? How do you stream?

Disclosure: I am a Netflix StreamTeam Member and receive perks with this affiliation. All opinions expressed are my own.


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