What a Hero Dares #review

A historical romance centered around desire and loyalty, What a Hero Dares by Kasey Michaels is the conclusion to the Redgrave’s series – four siblings united by their legacy of scandal and seduction.

The fearless solder, Maximilien Redgrave is punished and scorned for his father’s crimes even as he fights to protect England. His quest to restore his family’s reputation is a private battle that only he knows of. During one of his battles, he trusts the young Zoe Charbonneau whose betrayal destroyed his closest comrades and nearly unraveled his covert mission and forced him to learn a lesson he will never soon forget. When he discovers a smuggling ring he sets off to find the leader and is not prepared to find Zoe on his ship once again.

Believed to be a double agent for France and England, Zoe must clear her name in order to save her life. Convincing Max of her innocence seems impossible until inescapable desire tempts them both to trust and love each other again. As the smuggling ring danger moves closer they realize they may be out of time together.

A fantastic read that does not solely focus on the romance of Max and Zoe but also on their work as agents during the fighting between France and England. Kasey paints a great picture of their relationship and the mysterious life of Zoe. Zoe is a strong character at a time where women were not allowed to be. She suffered greatly but always manages to come out on top. She hides her deepest secrets close to her heart and slowly allows Max in. Full of adventure, mystery and romance!

Rating: 4/5

Disclosure: I received a digital copy of this book in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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