ABC Friday….G is for GUILTY!!!

My kids (AND the hubby!) love to eat chocolates and ice cream!
It is so bad that I can barely get chocolate and ice cream in the door before they are attacking the bags for their goodies! Most of the time I do not mind but lately I have been purchasing some of the Skinny Cow cones and they love those too!! (they are so expensive too!). I came home from the store to catch my boys and Daddy in action and this is what I captured:

You can just see the guilty look on his face. The little monkey man knew he was in trouble but it did not stop him from continuing to eat the cone. He loved every last lick (especially after he knew he was not getting into trouble!). How could I resist such a cute, adorable, chocolate covered face!!
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13 thoughts on “ABC Friday….G is for GUILTY!!!
    1. Carla WorkingMommyJournal

      lol…I felt bad after because I was joking with him about it being Mommy's lolly's but he felt bad for about two seconds and ate the whole thing! He is such an expressive child and cracks me up