A Healthy Start to a New Me {Plus Giveaway!}

A New Month and A New You

Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom before you realize that a change needs to happen. For me that happened last month with my overall health and well-being. I just was not and still am not happy with how I have let my health and fitness go. I stopped focusing on myself and put too much energy into things that were draining me. I realized that I needed to make a change and gave myself a start date of August 1st, 2015.

Because of my personality, I had to have clear goals set in mind and wanted to share them with you to help encourage and hold myself accountable to keeping up with goals.

A New Month and A New You

So here it goes!

Long term goals:

  • Lose fifty pounds, with an average of 2-3 pounds a week. This will put my weight back into a healthy category for my height.
  • Follow a strict vegetarian diet with a gradual transition to vegan.
  • Complete a 3 mile run.
  • Organize and complete a weekly workout plan.
  • Spend time every day meditating for at least five minutes.
  • Practice yoga three to five times a week.
  • Let go of the areas in my life that are draining me.

Every week I will come back and share my current weekly goals and how I did on last week’s goals. My hopes are that this will motivate not only myself but you to focus on your own physical and emotional well-being (something most of us don’t spend enough time on with our busy lives).

This weeks goals:ย 

  • 2 pound weight loss.
  • Follow my vegetarian diet with a meal plan.
  • Yoga four times a week.
  • Daily evening meditation.
  • Daily squat, lunge, push up and crunch challenge.
  • Run daily for five minutes (I am starting out here!!).
  • Stay hydrated with eight glasses of water a day.
  • 10,000 step minimum a day.

I will be sharing with you on Monday how I did with these goals listed above and my new set of goals for the week.

To kick off this healthy month, I want one of you my readers to win a $50 Shoppers Drug Mart gift card so that you can splurge on yourself.

Canadian residents, eighteen years of age and older can enter via the Rafflecopter form below.

Good luck!

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187 thoughts on “A Healthy Start to a New Me {Plus Giveaway!}
  1. Anne Taylor

    Its a struggle right now to take care of myself. We have our daughter and 5 month old grandson living with us and another daughter had her first baby a week ago. So I’m running around going back and forth between babies and housework etc. I do go to bed as early as I can and meditate for about 15 min every night, when possible. That’s about it right now.

  2. Aimee Robison

    I fit in time after my boys go to bed. That is my me time to focus on emotional, mental and physical needs.

  3. Belinda McNabb

    I try to fit it in first thing in the morning before everyone gets up. I will park further away from places and walk as well

  4. Kam

    It’s really hard to make time for all three but you just have to, even if it’s only a few minutes a day!

  5. michelle tremblett

    I take time every night just fir myself, usually about 30 minutes. sometimes I walk, or just sit in the yard and relax, everyone needs quiet time ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Melissa Greco

    I don’t make excuses and do what I have to do. I use my down time to do important tasks

  7. Judy Cowan

    I try to do it by setting aside some time for me in the evenings before bed to do what I need or want to do. Whether it is have a bath,read etc.

  8. Bailey Dexter

    After the kids are in bed, I love to soak in a hot tub with a good book and a cup of tea!

  9. Kelley Moore

    I have two girls in college, my husband working full time and myself working part time with a full time craft business. It’s really hard to get everyone together but if I can catch a few minutes with all of us it’s the best.

  10. Maggie C

    I do a lot of meal planning on weekends to ensure that I have time during the week to focus some time on working out.

  11. April

    Taking time for me makes be a better mom and wife. I choose to do it before work in the gym so although it gives me ample me time it doesn’t affect my family too much as they are still sleeping.

  12. Mandy

    Unfortunately, I have to plan ahead or I never have time to focus on myself. I usually book a yoga class or RMT appointment in advance so I know I HAVE to go because I made a commitment to someone else that I would show up.

  13. Kimberley Buckton

    I get some ME time after my son goes to sleep. He is 3 and very active so I get lots of exercise while he is awake but some down time after he is asleep

  14. lynn clayton

    i take 20 minutes of me time everyday i take a walk or grab a coffee i need it and it keeps me sane.

  15. andrea amy

    I forgo sleep a lot in order to spend some time at night reading or watching netflix. Its an either/or type thing… either I get time to myself, or I get sleep. Can’t have both ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. joy

    i don’t spend enough time on my health and fitness…this is something i must do – but i am pretty lazy … not sure how to get motivated!

  17. Pam

    I wake up early to get to the pool before anyone else is awake.
    I use dog walking time to focus, pray and take it easy.

  18. Christy E

    I set a time/day to make sure I follow through. It might sound counterproductive but it really helps and ensures I spend the time.

  19. Lisa Neutel

    my fave time of the day is before my kids get up ..i purposefully get p an couple hours before them so i can enjoy the calm

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  21. Angie In My 30s (@My30sAndItsTime)

    It’s something I really need to focus on as well…
    I do stretch & do some weights in the evenings while I watch tv and take lots of walks on my lunch and at night … but I need to get back to the gym!
    I will say though i eat very well because I have a bad tummy… so that helps!


    I try to take short walks each day to focus on my physical, mental and emotional well being


    I focus on my physical, mental and emotional well being by enjoying working in my gardens

  24. Gillian Morgan

    I have a set time every other night when I focus on myself. Sometimes I read a book, other times I just sit and relax.

  25. Glogirl

    I specifically make time for myself to focus on me. Usually late evening works for me and I love to make time to read before bed.

  26. Sunshine G

    I try to get at least one walk a day – we try to leave the car home as much as possible.

  27. MrsWhite

    Early rising really helps to maintain a clear mind. Having even a cup of coffee or some time to work in complete silence without *any* distraction or noise is golden.

  28. Amy C

    I try to get up before everyone else in the morning. I like to sit, relax, have a nice hot cup of coffee and listen to the birds sing. Just have some me time.

  29. Shane

    I go to the gym 3-4 times a week for an hour each time. It helps my ADD and I feel great afterwards.

  30. KellyPC

    I use a day planner to block my time so I can figure out exactly what I need to do each day.

  31. Julie D

    I try to get to the gym every day, ‘tho I didn’t go for a long time so it took a while to get back into the groove. Now it’s just habit and so much easier that way. You just go without even thinking about it. And always feel better when you’re done. Good luck on your journey! I believe you can do it!

  32. Nate Fuller

    When the kids are at school and in the evenings when they are in bed is when I do my planning and concentrate on my goals.

  33. Caroline

    I don’t always find the time or I am too tired. I usually try to exercise at least three times a week.

  34. Bo Simms

    I fit in time to focus on my physical, mental and emotional well being by dedicating a certain amount of time each day for myself. I try to devote half an hour, at least, and sometimes it happens that I miss a day, but then I try to double up on the time the following day. I also set myself reminder on my phone which helps!

  35. Jonnie

    It’s harder in the summer but during the school year I fit time in during the school day adn nap times to focus on myself. In the summer, my husband is really good about taking the kids out so I can have some me time.

  36. Sarah De Diego

    Every week I take some time to go shopping without The Kids. I’m still “working” but it gives my brain a chance to tune out at times because I don’t need to watch two five-year-olds.

    I commend you on your goals Carla and hope that you meet all of them. I look forward to hearing about all your successes.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

    1. cvegnad

      Thank you so much Sarah! I am trying my hardest to take the time out for me that I need before I fall apart or make myself sick.

  37. Kristine Ewald

    I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor so getting out is really important

    1. cvegnad

      I used to have such a regular routine but after having kids it just fell apart so I am trying to get back into the routine.

  38. Tammy Dalley

    I find it hard to make time for myself with 2 small kids. When they go to bed is really the only time I get to just sit and relax, me time!!!

  39. Amber Y

    I don’t really fit in much time for that stuff honestly. When things get overwhelming and i have no other choice but to take a step back that’s usually when I fit in the time. I have been trying to improve my physical well being more regularly though.

    1. cvegnad

      I was doing the same thing Amber and was so worn out mentally and physically. I really needed the change.

  40. Nicole Jubleew

    I make sure to mark it in my calendar. Once it is there it’s an appointment to honour like any other.

  41. Doris H

    I have to walk my dog first thing in the morning, so the fitness walk is part of my routine.

  42. Erika Letson

    It’s hard, but I find that I literally have to write down and schedule everything that I do. That’s the only way I can find a good balance!

    1. cvegnad

      I have just started doing this Brenda! It helps a lot since it’s on my fridge and my children will comment if I don’t do it.

    1. cvegnad

      Yoga has definitely become one of my favourite things to do. I feel so refreshed and ready to face anything after my practuce.

  43. Krista M

    I do it on my days off work when the kids are in school (or in the summer, while they’re at camp). I also take atleast 45 min a night after they’ve gone to bed to focus my thoughts, breathe deep, have some alone time to read a good book.

  44. Amina

    I set a reminder on my cell phone to exercise and I have my brother who accompanies me so we can be motivated together!

  45. Eva Mitton-Urban

    MBS – three letters that prevent mood swings/PMS. MInd Body Spirit – I take the time to read, exercise and making a random act of kindness gesture daily. Combining this formula helps me maintain work/home balance and creates the best version of me.

  46. michelle matta

    Once a week I consciously wake up early and enjoy some time to myself then. It’s a little less sleep, but theres something really calming about the early morning.

  47. Violet Smith

    I am going through a lot of stress right now. My husband is having an affair, I have two girls still at home who have mental health issues. I may lose my house and am trying to just keep sane, I make sure that I walk to and from work and walk as much as I can. This is difficult as I have had 26 foot surgeries and walking tends to hurt, but I know I have to. I also read alot during the day on breaks from work at night while having a coffee or sitting outside for a few minutes. I also like to light my glade warmer and enjoy the lavender scents as they help relax me.

  48. stacey dempsey

    For me going to the pool is my time. It makes me feel better and it helps me destress. I have a sister who has no kids so since the time my kids were little I could always grab an hour or so here and there to dart of to the pool while they visited with their aunt.

  49. Casey Miller

    I try to not focus on what others have or are doing on social media. I try to take in a sunset everyday, and make sure family knows how much I need and love them.

  50. Carole Dube

    I walk on the treadmill 5 times a week, do water workout twice a week. My 2 1/2 granddaughter spend one day a week at my house, she’s a joy to have around. I love reading and spend a fair amount of time doing that.

  51. Erica Seaman

    Once everyone is gone to bed I take one hour to myself, read, relax, catch on on a show….whatever I like.

  52. Michelle

    I always take time each day to read one chapter of a book. That way I have time away from the chaos and feel refreshed to meet it once again, lol!

  53. Theresa C.

    I find that I have to actually schedule time for myself, or I won’t get around to it at all.

  54. Jason Quarrie

    Make sure I get to bed early enough to get up early enough to be both well-rested and have some me-time!

  55. Dianne

    I set aside a time every evening before bed to do something I like to do which helps me think, reflect and improves my general well being. Sometimes I do crafts or sew, sometimes cook, and other times just read and relax.

  56. Amanda Neilson

    By sending my daughter to bed at a decent time so that I still have some alone time with hubby before we have to go to bed!

  57. Melinda

    I try to schedule fitness earlier in the day if possible. If not I just try to work into my day as best as I can.

  58. Josie Tusa

    I make sure to take some time every single day just for some “Me time”. I walk as much as I can and try to handle stress in productive ways.

  59. Lindsay

    Right now, I barely fit in that time ~ I have a newborn and my preschooler! But I carve out time when my husband is home, or try to combine activities that occupy my kids but also are good for me.

  60. Viv Sluys

    I fit in time for myself by making sure my kids have time for themselves too. We have quiet/alone time each day that we can use however we want (reading, doing art, sleeping, working out). I also do exercise with my kids. We hike together, swim together and play backyard sports together.

  61. Holly OGorman

    I definitely don’t do it as much as I should, but I take some time for myself after my daughter goes to bed, to either read, enter contests, or paint my nails, catch up on my favorite tv shows, go biking.

  62. M Thompson

    Trying to make a habit of setting time aside each night, to stretch, to meditate and pray

  63. Lee-Ann S

    I just tell my DH it’s going to happen then I go do whatever I want. He knows better then to argue.

  64. Karrie Cheung

    I try to set a certain time every other day to work out, as well, time in the morning to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee before my day begins!

  65. ellen chevarie

    after everyone tucked in i make it a habit to do one thing for me.big or small i yake an hour or 2 if possible

  66. Londia

    I try to fit in time every day if I can to go for a walk which helps me feel good inside and out. Sometimes it can be hard to make time for you but you do need it.

  67. Rosemary Breschuk-Chiu

    I spend time with, and walk as often as possible, my two dogs, Charlie Cockapoo and Snickers Shihpoo, even if it means walking them 3 or more times a day. This way we ALL get some exercise, some fresh air and invariably meet new people (and dogs!)

  68. Steph Bkn

    I struggle with this. My kiddos are 3 & 5 and are busy, inbetween work and the kids there isnt much time left for me something I need to work on b/c right now work is my me time :S

  69. Sabrina J-R

    I’ve chosen some fitness options that require approx 30 mins per day, so it’s easier to schedule that block of time. I also make time daily for Bible study & prayer. Once my spirituality is in balance, I find that it’s much easier to care for the mental and emotional aspects as well.

  70. Carey Hurst

    It’s hard to find the time, but once my toddler sleeps I stay up and enjoy time to replenish, recoup

  71. Dreena

    I make time for myself in the evenings – whether it’s attending a dance class or taking an extra long hot bath.


  72. Suzi

    Not well! I have recently made a very detailed schedule that includes exercise and other time for myself!

  73. Elissa

    I’m trying to be more realistic this year with post-baby weight loss. If I can get back to my original weight within a year, I’ll be happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. Lori L.

    To be honest I haven’t really made time for myself lately as being a Mom to 5 girls makes life extremely BUSY! The only thing I can think of is my partner & I have been trying to go on 1 date per month & we’ve been successful for the past few months. When we go out for dinner, just the two of us, we re-connect & this definitely helps my emotional & mental well being. Thanks for the chance to win!

  75. Amanda

    I honestly do not really have time to do any of this.. But I do enjoy a nice long hot shower and time alone with my partner when I get the chance.

  76. Mary d

    I fit time in by going for a daily run, routine now with the husband at 10pm. Our only together time.

  77. Tara Gauthier

    Taking time for myself definitely makes me a better person all around. And asking for help when I need it, whether from my husband or friends.

  78. Mommy Outside

    I use my lunch hour to go to a local gym as often as I can during the week. I try to work out at home when I can but I find it much easier to do it at the gym. Too many distractions at home!

  79. Elizabeth H

    I fit it in immediately after work, that way I get home later, but the kids don’t know why I’m not there.

  80. CL Chin

    i am lucky i can do yoga at work on my lunch time but i think i need to fit in some jogging or just walking up and down stairs also for some variety. if i have time on weekends, i will fit in a few stretching, yoga exercises also.