Alicia Connected: Tricked with Treats

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Halloween is here, and it is Alicia’s favorite time of year. What’s not to like about dressing up in a costume and getting free candy? But there is something even more exciting happening this year – learn more in Alicia Connected: Tricked with Treats!

About Alicia Connected: Tricked with Treats

Halloween is here, and it is Alicia’s favorite time of year. What’s not to like about dressing up in a costume and getting free candy? But there is something even more exciting happening this year. For the first time, Alicia and her friends are throwing a virtual party in TullyTown!

Putting together a party in TullyTown isn’t easy, and Alicia and her friends want to do the best they can to make sure it is enjoyed by plenty of avatars in TullyTown. For one of Alicia’s friends, getting ready to throw a TullyTown party leads to looking for easy treats. But what if it’s a trick?

Alicia has been using her tablet for a while and is getting more used to how to use the technology. However, there is always something new for her and her friends to learn.

Our Thoughts

Alicia Connected: Tricked with Treats is an excellent introduction for young readers into the world of technology, gaming and the dangers that are lurking out there.

Alicia and her friends love the game TullyTown – they have created a whole new world of fun, where they can hang out, throw parties, earn reward money and so much more. One of Alicia’s friends gets a little carried away in her excitement and uses a free website to earn rewards and points for free stuff, what could go wrong?

Young children and adults alike love our technology and how easy it has made for us to keep ourselves on track, connect with others and share information. The only downfall? How easy it is for this information to be stolen, hacked or used by others to hurt us. For young children, it is so important to warn them about the dangers of the online world, in a way that they can understand the content and without terrifying them. This book did a great job of this. It showed young readers the fun and the important connection we make with others through technology but also the dangers of oversharing and how this information can be stolen. I also loved how the author incorporated lessons on how to protect yourself online (passwords, etc..) in such an unique manner!

Alicia Connected: Tricked with Treats is a great read for young readers and their parents as it introduces a difficult but important topic to young children. It is a great way for adults to speak with children about both the positives and the dangers of technology and online gaming, as well as how to protect themselves online. It would also be a great starting point to ensure that your child is taking all steps that they must to protect themselves online and if certain changes may be needed to protect their privacy.

You can purchase a copy of this book on Amazon, B&N and Indiebound.

Rating: 4.5/5

About the Author


Fisher is an award-winning author who has spent decades in the computer engineering field, with the last 10 years in cybersecurity as a leader, speaker, and instructor. His passion has been to take complex security topics and make them simple and easy to understand. He holds several security certifications and teaches cybersecurity at Temple University, where he is also an external advisory board member to the cybersecurity program. Alicia Connected: Tricked With Treats is the second book in the Alicia Connected series. The first book, Alicia Connected: The Big Gift, was a second-place recipient of the prestigious Purple Dragonfly Award in the STEM category.

Also, ALICIA CONNECTED: TRICKED WITH TREATS has won a 2021 Family Choice Award. 

You can connect with him on his website and Facebook.

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Disclosure: I received a digital copy of this book in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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