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Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration

I recently was sent a package through BzzAgent to try out and review Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration night cream. I was really anticipating receiving this package as I have heard such positive feedback from co-workers with regards to their creams but have never tried them myself.
I suffer from highly sensitive and eczema prone skin so I am very careful about what I put on my skin and put a lot of research into purchasing and trying out new products (I have had quite a few negative experiences in the past with huge red blotchy skin patches!!).
I was happy to learn that the night cream is 99% natural, dermatologist tested and non-comedogenic. One of the main ingredients is derived from the plant Clary Sage. Clary sage is native to the Northern Mediterranean and some parts of Northern Africa and Central Asia. Clary sage has a long history of being used in medicine.
The night cream works to replenish moisture lost during the day while you sleep. It also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
When I first tried out the product I did not realize that it would be so thick so I ended up putting on much more than what was needed. I loved the fact that it was non greasy so it absorbed quickly and did not leave my skin shiny. My husband actually commented and asked why I was wearing make up to bed as he thought I put on foundation! Made me feel good that’s for sure!.
Every morning when I woke up I loved how soft my skin felt in the morning (truth be told I could not stop rubbing my cheeks with my hands!!).
The product runs around $29.99 and is sold at Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart nationwide. While the price may seem high it is completely worth it. The amount that is needed daily is actually quite small so the product lasts longer than other products that are cheaper but you need to use more to get the same desired effects.
I would 100% recommend this product to anyone out that suffers from chronically dry skin and perfect for individuals that suffer with sensitive skin. That said, I still do have some trouble with my skin so my friend recently recommended me to visit the best dermatologist she knew to try and sort my skin out for good.
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Mela-D Serum Review

I recently won a bottle of Mela-D Serum from La Roche-Posay from their Twitter giveaway. I was super excited to try it out! Having just had my youngest son about a year ago and the various hormonal changes that go along with that as well as PCOS, my skin has suffered greatly in certain areas. I have developed darker spots along my jaw line and cheeks which I try to cover up as much as possible.
Before I began to use the product I looked up some info on it. Mela-D serum is hydroquinone free! Which is great as it has been banned in many countries as it can not be ruled out as a possible carcinogen. What it does contain is: Kojic acid, Glycolic acid and Thermal dermobiotic (info from the La Roche-Posay website). Kojic acid is derived from fungi and helps in reducing the look of dark spots. Glycolic acid is an exfoliating agent helping to remove the dark skin cells.
When I received the serum it also came with a dropper (I have never used a serum before so this was all new and pretty cool to me!). I test tried it over a period of two days on the skin around my elbow as I have olive skin that is pretty sensitive and tends to react easily. I had no reaction so was excited to try it out on my jaw line and cheeks.  I found the serum itself to be non oily and thick enough that you can put a small amount on your fingertip and it will not roll off. It has a mild to moderate strength smell that is not unpleasant. It did not irritate or make my skin tingle when I put it on. The product comes with instructions to use at night, after cleansing and moisturising your face.
I used the serum for just over two weeks (I am still currently using it) and have noticed a slight improvement of the uneven skin tone and darker spots around my jaw and cheek areas. I am going to continue to use it for an additional three months as I am impressed with the slight improvements that have occurred and would like to continue to see these improvements! I would recommend this product to anyone with mild to moderate uneven skin tone and dark spots (as that is how my skin is currently) and also to olive toned and sensitive skin individuals (as with all new products test try on a patch area away from you face!). And as the product recommends always use sunscreen during the day as your skin can become sensitive during usage.
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