Come Out to the Garden: Children’s Book Review

Our family loves reading time – I have to admit I think I love it sometimes even more then they do! I love to act out their books when I read aloud to them, make silly voices and spend quality time with my boys. Finding a children’s book that allows for this and teaching a lesson for them can be hard!
Come Out to the Garden written by Rick January is the story of Mary Louise, her Granny and her Granny’s vegetable garden. It is a beautiful sunny day, as Granny calls out to Mary Louise to “Come out to the garden” so that they can pick vegetables for a special lunch. Mary Louise convinces her Granny to pick the vegetables that sit closer in the shade so that they will not become too hot. They pick a feast of vegetables that they have as their lunch.
The story is written in a simple rhythm that flows perfectly – making it that much easier to read aloud to my boys. It teaches the importance of hard work, growing and sustaining our own food and the relationships between Grandparents and our children. I loved that it had our eldest son talking about our garden that we plan on building in the spring and what vegetables he would like to plant and grow. I love when a children’s book starts conversations with my children that are so important like healthy foods and learning to grow our own food. 
The relationships between Grandparents and Grandchildren is so important for children. It was great that in this story Granny was teaching Mary Louise all about the importance of growing our own garden and the nutritional value of vegetables. Grandparent’s have so much knowledge to give our children and it is important to foster this relationship.
Rating: 5/5
Disclosure: I received a digital copy of this book in order to facilitate the review. The opinions expressed are my own.


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G.S. Marjara
7 years ago

Going to the garden just for fun or to collect veggies is still my favorite! I loved this blog that reminded my childhood when I use to the same.

Digiscrap Boutique
7 years ago

books are a blessing for children especially ones that show them things they may not otherwise experience

Joanna Sormunen
7 years ago

I like the idea. The books about grannies and grandparents are always great, children love them. And adding contionousness about keeping a garden and taking care of it, is a very good thing.

Becky Lyons Borgia
7 years ago

I love reading with my kids. I love when their books spark conversation.

Cheap Is The *New* Classy

My grandfather used to have a massive garden. it was fun to walk through it and pick cucumbers and eat them. 🙂

Jennifer Van Huss
7 years ago

That sounds like the perfect book to buy my parents for Grandparent's Day!! I love that it rhymes! Those type of books are my favourite!

7 years ago

Sounds like a very sweet story! My grandmother always had a garden too.

Curtis Giroux
7 years ago

Gardening is really great, not many people take the time to maintain one nowadays; it's a good idea to show kids the importance of a garden. 🙂

7 years ago

We love to garden around here. My kids have a mini garden, where they can plant anything they want. Usually sunflowers, green beans, and corn=). Thanks for sharing this book!!

Pauline Cabrera
7 years ago

This reminds me of my childhood. Thats how my mom used to read a book for me. Lol. This looks like an interesting book Carla. Teaching younger ones to eat healthy foods is the way to go!

7 years ago

Gardening is a place where you're allowed to get dirty. My little grandkids loved planting set onions – just the right size for their little hands to plant.

7 years ago

Sounds like a great book. We homeschool and we love to teach about building relationships and sustainable living. I think this book would fit in perfectly in our household.

Chrishelle Ebner
7 years ago

What a sweet story. My kids love their grandparents very much. I love books about close relationships between Gparents and their little ones.

Sonia Nandan
7 years ago

Getting all the fresh stuff from garden is a cool idea. Sad I have no garden around and I always carry refrigerated stuff for my family.

Cara Kueck
7 years ago

This sounds like such a fun book! I used to love to garden with my grandmother so this is perfect! Thanks for sharing!

Tory Blum
7 years ago

I love the cover of this book! Looks fun and perfect for children!

Liliana Marsden
7 years ago

Lovely post and a great help for me for forthcoming birthday. I love books that not only entertain but teach children the value of the simpler things in life. Love your blog

Fabulous Perks
7 years ago

Thanks for sharing your honest opinion on the book. I&#39;m glad you liked it. I also loves the message that it gives. <br /><br />

Katherine Bartlett
7 years ago

This looks like an adorable children&#39;s book

Ann Bacciaglia
7 years ago

This looks like a great book. I really like the cover.

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