Heart of the Highland: The Beast Book Review

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In the Heart of the Highland, Keira is caught in the middle of a war that she does not understand, will Keira’s secrets be safe, or will she succumb to the Highland warrior who now threatens to capture her heart?

Heart of the Highlands: The Beast Book Review

About Heart of the Highland: The Beast

For hundreds of years, Scotland has battled the English for their freedom. Now, they face a new enemy. In a divided world between politics and religion, the young King James V faces the threat of his own people rebelling against him. As civil war breaks out among the Highland clans, James recruits a secret group of warriors for protection. He calls them the Protectors of the Crown.

Ian MacKay has one mission; to defend the crown no matter the cost. Along with his men, Ian’s mission is to hunt down one of the most dangerous men in the Highlands. But when the daughter of an enemy enters his life, his heart becomes captured instead.

Keira Sinclair has lived a life of peace and simplicity until now. With her clan on the verge of losing everything, she is forced to wed a Laird from a neighboring clan to ensure that hers survives. During her travels to her new home, her carriage is attacked and Keira is taken hostage by a ruthless man.

My Thoughts

I am sure so many of you already know how much I LOVE historical romances. This is especially true for Scottish historical romances, I love the language, the strength in the characters and of course the romance!

This novel had everything I love about historical romances set in the Highlands and more with an amazing plot that kept you guessing as to what would happen next. In this novel, we have Keira a young woman who has been forced to wed a man that she does not love all because her clan is about to lose everything. This man clearly has no love nor respect for her as he refuses to meet her halfway for the wedding and sends young, untrained boys to help her travel to him in order for them to be wed. This is when she meets Ian – who mistakes her carriage for her husband to be.

Ian is still suffering under the weight of his deceased wife’s death. He holds the blame for her death and has had a hard time moving forward with his life. There is something in Keira that brings out the better in him, making him want to hope, be a better man and to protect her. He takes her under his wing and tries to help her see what a mistake it would be to marry her betrothed.

This is when the plot becomes really juicy! We learn about the deceit her betrothed had done to her and her Father, and how truly evil he really is. We learn about how her Father betrayed his own beliefs and family, and my heart broke for Keira. We also learn more about who Ian is and his connection to the Scottish crown.

This was an amazing novel from start to finish – it was full of excitement, betrayal, hope and romance. I loved how the plot was developed and there was an importance placed on the plot just as much as the romance. A great read for historical romance fans!

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Rating: 5/5

About the Author

April is an Award-Winning Author for her Scottish Historical Romances. For more than ten years, she has worked full time in the direct marketing business, but developed a passion of historical romances through her love of reading, history and genealogy.

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Disclosure: I received a digital copy in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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