Hemp Heart Balls

My co-worker recently introduced me to the world of hemp hearts and chia seeds. She has been on a clean eating diet and has done so well with weight loss and a healthy living lifestyle. I am slowly following her wisdom and getting on board with a cleaner way of eating. 
She created a super tasty “protein” ball recipe which I altered to suit my own personal likes. It is an excellent afternoon pick me up or even an after work snack (I am always starving when I first get home from work but I am still in the process of cooking so the only thing to munch on is unhealthy snacks in the house!). The recipe is so simple and involves no baking.

You can add in chia seeds or flax seed if you want to or even substitute dried cranberries for the chocolate chips.
– 1/2 cup of oats
– 1/2 cup of hemp hearts
– 1 tbsp of honey
-1/4 cup of natural peanut butter
– chocolate chips (enough for two to three pieces a ball)

1. Combine all ingredients into a ball. Mix together until mixture is well mixed and is able to stick together.

2. Form the mixture into balls. Place in fridge and enjoy!


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7 thoughts on “Hemp Heart Balls
  1. Yona Williams

    I've seen this product before but never tried it…my brother gets into all of this stuff and I usually try before I buy with him. He put me onto roasted, salted hemp seeds…those are really good for a snack and really healthy.

  2. Anonymous

    I have never tried hemp hearts before. This looks like a super easy recipe to follow! – Patricia