Hidden Chamber of Death

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Hidden Chamber of Death is a compelling tale of intrigue, murder, deception and suspense.

Hidden Chamber of Death Book Review

About Hidden Chamber of Death

Hidden Chamber of Death is a compelling tale of intrigue, murder, deception and suspense that leads retired Navy SEAL and part-time private investigator Craige Ingram in search of the connection between seemingly random murders and a banking conspiracy.

​Working with the local homicide investigator, who just happens to be a former Navy buddy, Craige Ingram’s attempts to protect a lonely widow and solve the case before another person dies are only thwarted by a psychotic killer whose motivation is based on pure depraved pleasure. In this first book of the Moccasin Hollow Mystery Series, the instincts and skills Ingram and his buddy acquired as Navy SEALS are tested to their limits.

My Thoughts

While this novel started off slower than I expected (I found I kept putting it down), by half way through the novel I did not want to put it down! The novel starts off with what appears to be a simple murder and then evolves into this complicated layer of murder and deceit. In between this lies the budding relationship between Craige and widow.

The buildup of the murders and the conspiracy that is tied into it, was mind-blowing and at times definitely not what I was expecting! I was constantly thrown off guard by what I thought would happen next and what really did happen – which is great! I really love that element of surprise in a novel and this one was full of it. Some of the murders were quite gruesome and really showed the inner workings of our criminal’s mind (and trust me I never saw the identity of him coming!).

A stellar book that leaves you in suspense throughout and ready for more.

You can purchase a copy of the book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Rating: 5/5

About the Author

Internationally acclaimed author and public speaker, Hawk MacKinney began writing mysteries for his school newspapers. Following graduation, he served in the US Navy for over 20 years. While serving as a Navy Commander, he also had a career as a full-time faculty member at several major state medical facilities. He earned two postgraduate degrees with studies in languages and history. He has taught postgraduate courses in both the United States and Jerusalem, Israel.

In addition to professional articles and texts on fetal and adult anatomy, Hawk has authored several novels that have received national and international recognition.Moccasin Trace, a historical novel, was nominated for the prestigious Michael Shaara Award for Excellence in Civil War Fiction and the Writers Notes Book Award. This was followed by the Craige Ingram Mystery Series. In a change of direction, October of 2012 saw the release of Hawk’s first science fiction novel, The Bleikovat Event, in The Cairns of Sainctuarie series. Volume II, The Missing Planets, was released in 2014 with Volume III in the works.

​Hawk’s latest project focuses on The Moccasin Hollow Mystery Series. Hidden Chamber of Death is Book 1 in the series.

Interview with Hawk MacKinney

What genre do you write and why?

The Moccasin Hollow Mystery Series

The Cairns of Sainctuarie Series – sci-fi

Historical romance

Why write in these three genres…because the tales being spun involve characters that readers identify with, be it sci-fi, mystery, thrillers. In many ways romance motivating it all. Genre doesn’t exist. It’s a literature gimmick; categories established in ancient Greek literature. romance, historical or contemporary is so ancient it’s modern; tied and tangled among all genres. It’s where my fantasies take the tales with their twists & turns, & stir sci-fi with astounding revelations tumbling at us daily. Ain’t it fun.

How long have you been writing?

Since those evenings my grandmother or mother sat on the porch swing or front stoops; spun tales of stars and wishes while we counted lightenin’ bugs and listened to great greasy steel & iron thunder of railroad freights and passenger trains whistlin’ through the valley.

What advice would you give budding writers?

Don’t give up. A fiction writer is a person who sits in a secluded room by themselves; wastes a lot of paper, and doesn’t know if outside is sunshine or moonlight. Tells nonfiction tales made to sound like fiction and changes the name of the guilty. Is that called payback or fun or what?

Your books are set in many places. Have you ever been there?

Set in South Carolina and Georgia, Colorado, other states of the lower 48, Scotland, England, Israel…vacationed/lived in almost all of them. The historical romance is primarily SC & GA; most of the settings still exist…thereabouts most know nothing of the secrets lurking so close.

Favorite dessert?

Second piece of Southron Fried Chicken, BUT a hot slice KaroNut pie (otherwise known as Pecan Pie) runs a mean mouth-waterin’ second.

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Disclosure: I received a digital copy of this book in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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One thought on “Hidden Chamber of Death
  1. Hawk MacKinney

    Working Mommy Journal – Thank U for hosting the Hidden Chamber of Death with serial protagonist Craige Ingram ensnarled in the chase against more killing, that threatens one very enchanting widow. For readers with a yen for extended character backgrounds the historical romance, Moccasin Trace is the prequel to this title, & establishes the bloodline(s) of Craige Ingram in the Moccasin Hollow series. Soon to follow – Book 2 in the Craige Ingram Mystery Series, Westobou Gold is in cover design. Other serial characters that are Ingram’s buddies will show up in the thrills & clots of mayhem & mystery. Glad U enjoyed the hooks/twists/downside-up flips as much as I did in the weaving of the web of characters & the tale told.

    Hawk MacKinney