Mother’s Day Note Pads

Do you end up with an abundance of cards every couple of months (especially after holidays and birthdays)? Not sure what to do with them but know that you want to keep them?

Cathy from Cathy Thinking Out Loud uses a very creative way to reuse those cards – by turning them in to note pads! Pretty neat right? Perfect solution for creating unique gifts, keeping the kids entertained at home and so much more!

You Will Need

  • cards that you would like to turn into a note pad (can be a birthday, thank you, greetings, etc..)
  • stapler
  • blank paper (or scrap paper you can reuse)


1. Cut the card along the folded line (to make a front and back cover).

2. Cut the blank paper so that it will fit in between the front and back cover.

3. Staple the note pad together. If you are really creative you can put holes into the note pad and tie off with a ribbon.



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4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Note Pads
  1. Cathy C

    I love the cards you picked to make the notepads! I hope the kids had fun (and now a little treat for Mom on Mother's Day Carla