Nutrience: Grain Free for Our Fur Baby #review

Toopy has been a part of our family for almost seven years now. She is our best friend, our guard dog and a special part of our family. We would do anything for her.

Her health problems started roughly two years ago. Our healthy dog took a turn for the worse and was covered in red sores that she would scratch until they bled. She was also losing her fur in large clumps all over the house. We were terrified.

Our first visit to the vet, they diagnosed her with allergies and gave her steroid injections, pills and sent us on our way. One month later, we were back in their office. Again, the diagnosis was allergies with the same treatment plan. We went through this cycle for the past two years until the vet finally said she does not think it is an environmental allergy but a food allergy. We tried every food possible for her – including the vet recommended kangaroo meat one (in the hopes that something foreign to her will prevent her from reacting). No such luck!

When I got the word from BzzAgent that Toopy was chosen to try out the new Nutrience dog food, I thought this might just be it! Nutrience comes in three forms: Natural, Grain Free and Original.

We decided on the Grain Free version for Toopy only because of her skin sensitivities and possible allergies. Their Grain Free version contains fresh meat, fish, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables and botanicals. The grains are replaced with lentils and sweet potatoes. Sounds delicious right?

Nutrience Natural is made up of fresh meats, fish, low calcimine carbohydrates, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables and botanicals. Their original formula is the basis for the other two and was developed to give our pet family members as much uncomplicated food that contains wholesome ingredients.

These ingredients all work together to help keep your pet healthy, happy and active.

Toopy seemed to love her food – hard to ask her this question but those bowls emptied pretty quick! She had no problems transferring over to this brand at all. The food size was perfect for her and she had no trouble chewing them. We actually noticed an improvement with her skin as well. She was scratching less, releasing less oils onto her skin, less dry skin and generally she was happier. Her happier self was much more playful and she is back on the road to being an active and happy dog again!

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned products for free as part of the BzzAgent program. The opinions expressed are my own.


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