Our Christmas Traditions with Kinder Surprise #KinderMom #giveaway

Wow – just like that Halloween is over and it has actually started snowing. Yes – snowing! We had little snowflakes coming down over the weekend. It is now time to start looking forward to the holiday season – yay!

The holiday season is a fantastic time for families to focus on quality family time and the love between each of us. We are able to shower our families with love and show them how much they mean to us. Homemade gifts are always a huge hit under the tree for us.

One of my favourite family traditions is our stockings! I loved waking up to find my stocking by my  bedroom door full of special goodies picked out just for me – including chocolate goodies (yup – my chocolate love goes way back!). Now every year we include delicious chocolate Kinder eggs in the boy’s stockings. I love the Kinder eggs that come in Christmas tree shapes – they fit perfectly in the stockings.

Our family tradition of Advent calendars will continue this year with the Kinder Advent Calendars. Not familiar with Advent calendars? This is one tradition that you will love. The Advent calendars are used to help countdown to Christmas Eve and behind each day’s door is a chocolate surprise. Our boys have always loved their calendars and the bonus is all month long the boys get to work on recognizing numbers.

The Giveaway!

This month we want to spoil you with a Kinder Surprise Pack. One Working Mommy Journal fan will win a prize pack that includes:

One KINDER® Advent Calendar
One KINDER® Hollow Santa with SURPRISE®
One KINDER® SURPRISE® 100g Christmas egg

Sounds awesome, right?! So hurry up and enter now for a chance to win! Don’t forget – you can enter as many Kinder Surprise giveaways during the month of November from the Kinder Family but you can only win once 🙂 Good luck!

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Disclosure:  I am a #KinderMom/Maman/Dad who is part of the KINDER® Canada influencer team; as part of my affiliation with KINDER® Canada, I am provided with special perks and products. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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84 thoughts on “Our Christmas Traditions with Kinder Surprise #KinderMom #giveaway
  1. laura G

    Yes! my 4 and 6 year old love Kinder surprise eggs…. we even have a Siamese cat named Kinder, they are a huge Must at Christmas and all year round!

  2. Journeys of The Zoo

    My kids have an advent calendar all year long. Helps with Math and Dates and they love the surprizes. They&#39;d love one of these! Thanks for hosting.<br /><br />Besos, Sarah<br />Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  3. Alayne Langford

    We always have filled each of our 5 children&#39;s stockings with kinder eggs since they were very young, we also hand them out at Grandma&#39;s house to all the cousins, and we use them on the table to dress up each place setting 🙂

  4. Charlene Lucas

    Kinder has been a part of our holidays since my first child was born 25 years ago and he still enjoys them to this day! Now we give them to our granddaughter!

  5. Annie1

    My youngest daughter who is 23 and pregnant was the one kid of mine who loved Kinder Eggs! She would love to receive these!<br /><br />RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor<br />

  6. Kate Hearn

    kinder has been part of my holidays since I was little! Our family loves it, and every year Santa leaves us each a pk of eggs. This would be great for my little guy

  7. Judy C

    Kinder is a part of all of our holidays. Never done the Advent Calendar before but it would be fun and they would love it! (Judy Cowan)

  8. Angie B

    We have just had the eggs with the toys in them before. I would like to try their other products. I would like to win this for my niece.

  9. Rick and Jennifer

    Kinder is part of our holiday celebrations in the form of stocking stuffers – my daughter loves them! Which brings me to the answer of the second question – I would love to win this prize pack for her. 🙂

  10. Wendy Jensen

    Yes Kinder is part of our holiday celebration and I would love to win this for my husband because he lovessssssss chocolate.

  11. jemrah

    Kinder is part of every celebration!! We love the Advent Calendar – so fun to countdown to Christmas with a special treat every day! 😀 Would love to win this for my daughter!!

  12. maria

    My nephew loves Kinder. This would be for him. It&#39;s not always part of the tradition but sometimes, usually more so at Easter.<br /><br />billiondollarprincesss@hotmail.com

  13. Theresa black

    Yes Kinder is apart of our Christmas every year making the stockings extra special. I would give this to my husband as her deserves a treat while working in camp

  14. Eva Mitton

    Creature of tradition – Advent calendars pinned up December 1st then cardboard windows are opened and enjoyed. Kinder Advent calendars are my favorite treat and definitely yearly. My 10 year old son would love this (as would his father)<br /><br />Eva Mitton-Urban

  15. Wayne Lecoy

    I am entering your giveaway.<br />In response to your questions of <br />Is Kinder part of your holiday celebration? <br />Who would you love to win this prize pack for?<br />Yes i use Kinder Surprise Eggs as stocking stuffers and i <br />would like to win the Kinder Holiday Prize Pack for my nieces.<br />Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. pinksuzanne

    I did not include Kinder as part of our Christmas celebration but my children&#39;s favourite aunty always gave them Kinder eggs at Christmas and they absolutely so enjoyed getting them. I would gift this to my 2 grandchildren.

  17. sarah w

    I want to win this prize for my kids. they get Kinder eggs in their stocking every year!<br /><br />Rafflecopter name: Sarah W.<br />texan_michael AT yahoo DOT com