RealPad: The Tablet for All Ages #review

How many people do you know that have struggled to learn how to use a tablet? Your parents perhaps? Or maybe even yourself – I know my children can navigate a tablet much better than I ever will be able to!

A tablet is the perfect alternative to a traditional desk top computer – you can take it outside with you in the backyard or even out on the porch with your morning coffee or tea. Tablets allow us to keep in contact with our loved ones as well as follow major world events. But what happens when you can’t figure out the technology? The screen and icons are too small? Perhaps it is just too difficult to set up.

While this may not seem possible in our technologically advanced times unfortunately for many people it is. My Mom is included in this group – she has let her own tablet sit and go unused because it is just too difficult for her to figure out how to use. It is awful for her not to be able to use it but also a missed opportunity for her to be in contact with her grandchildren from home via video calls, emails and social media sites.

The RealPad from AARP has been designed to be user friendly for the 70 million Americans who are 50+ who have yet to embrace tablet technology (yup – 70 million!).

RealPad comes pre-loaded with useful apps and educational videos on how to use the tablet (no need to fumble through a user guide that is difficult to follow – just watch the video!). An extremely helpful toolbar at the bottom helps you locate the information you need quickly – especially when something goes wrong. I literally opened the box the tablet came in, charged the tablet, pressed the on button and I was ready to go. I could easily connect my email, facebook and twitter accounts. Navigation is simple with only one button to exit the screen. The icons were large, easy to recognize and navigate my way through.

Easy to read labels on the back identified USB source, power source and headphone connections. Connecting to our home Wifi network took under five minutes – most of my trouble with that was trying to remember my password!

Curious to know more about the specifications of RealPad?

  • Intel 2.1  GHz Duel Core Processor
  • 16 GB of storage
  • 7.85″ HD display (1024×768 resolution)
  • 5 mega pixel rear camera to take stunning HD photos and videos as well as a 2.0 mega pixel front camera
  • 24/7 live help (yes you heard that right – LIVE help!)
  • RealPad comes pre-loaded with 20 step by step videos
  • Android 4.4 operating system
  • RealPad has a total weight of 14 ounces

The real bonus came when I let my children test it out as well. Both of my boys are pretty advanced with technology (they definitely did not get it from me!) and they fell in love with RealPad. It was easy for them to use, they loved the entertainment section as well as the ability to pair it with their blue tooth headphones to listen to videos, music and their games. This allowed them to be the perfect helpers with their Grandma when it came for her to use it! As I am letting my children use it I wanted to buy a tablet holder so they could lie on the couch or in bed watching their favourite program or movie, I found a great little tablet holder at, it’s like a mini bean bag and it allows you to rest your tablet anywhere you want without the worry of it falling over.

One of RealPad’s best features? It’s price! At $189 US, it will be hard to find a better deal. A RealPad can be purchased on the AARP site or through Walmart.

Whether you are looking at purchasing a tablet to stay connected with your parents RealPad is an excellent as well as affordable choice in the tablet market.


Disclosure: I received a RealPad in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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5 thoughts on “RealPad: The Tablet for All Ages #review
  1. De Balino

    I'm so glad there's a tablet out there geared towards folks like my parents and Inlaws. They really want access to one so they can keep in touch with the grandkids. This may be the present of choice for us siblings!! Thanks!


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