Spring Flooding – Red Cross Update

With spring comes the melting of snow and occasionally mixed in precipitation. Over the past couple of days we have seen an increase in our area with flooding risk alerts. The Canadian Red Cross is prepared to help communities but we should all do our part and prepare as well as protect ourselves.

The Canadian Red Cross has given us three simple steps to prepare for potential flooding:

  • Know the risks – be aware of flooding risks in your community
  • Make a plan and talk to your family about it. Do your children know what to do in a flooding emergency??
  • Get or make a kit – put together or assemble your own kit in case of emergencies.

Check out the Canadian Red Cross website for more helpful information on flooding.



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2 thoughts on “Spring Flooding – Red Cross Update
  1. Gail Wallace

    That's really the deal with nature, where one phenomenon sometimes leads to another. This is especially a good idea to practice, especially since we're just reeling from the freak snowstorms which hit earlier in the year. That's why it's good to look at a situation and think and plan several steps ahead. That way, your houses are kept secure, or you'll know what to do as soon

    1. Carla WorkingMommyJournal

      So true Gail! This has actually prompted us to start preparing our own emergency kit (we had an awful ice storm this past winter that shut down our hydro was out for three days). Always important to plan ahead and be prepared.