“Watch My Love Grow” Children’s Craft with Cathy Thinking Out Loud

Have you met Cathy from Cathy Thinking Out Loud? She is a fantastic blogger, friend and parent! Her blog is full of parenting tricks and tips, travel advice, reviews and so much more! Cathy created this super fun craft to do with our kids! I made mine Valentine’s Day themed so that I could add it to their Valentine’s Day gifts but we will be making a whole bunch more!

To make this craft you will need:

snack sized Ziploc bags (bags needed will depend on the number of crafts you are making) or you can use the small baggies from the dollar store to create ‘pouches’ to tie on a necklace
bean seeds (these sprout the fastest and this will also depend on the number of crafts you are making)
cotton balls or pads (we used cotton pads)
coloured ribbon (if you are going to make the craft into a necklace make sure to have enough ribbon to make the necklace long enough)
1. Soak a cotton swab and fold in half. Wet one bean seed and place directly on the swab.
2. Place the bean on the swab inside the snack sized Ziploc bag in the middle of the bag.
3. Seal the baggie ensuring there is no air left in it.
4. Poke a hole above the seal on the baggie with scissors.
5. Thread the ribbon through and tie.
6. Watch the bean grow!
When it starts to grow you can always transplant it to a pot or to your garden. I hope you enjoy this craft from Cathy! Simple, fun and frugal craft to do with your kids. To find more ideas from Cathy head over to her blog Cathy Thinking Out Loud.


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Cathy C
8 years ago

Carla thanks for the kind words. Blushing! I can't wait to see pics and hear about the kids reaction when the beans sprout. What beautiful ribbon you choice, and a perfect Valentine gift. Plus it gets the kids thinking about how they will help with your garden this summer. Maybe you can transplant the bean sprouts into the garden.

Ann Bacciaglia
8 years ago

Thank you both for sharing. I love this idea!!!!

Diane Estrella
8 years ago

Really unique. I had never thought of making anything like this for my kids. They are 11 and 13 now, so probably too old. 🙂

8 years ago

How fun, and especially fun to pair it with a book on the same topic (I thought of Jack & the Beanstalk but any would be great!).

Anita Breeze
8 years ago

Very fun for kids. I remember how proud my kids were when their beans sprouted that we planted in dixie cups! It gives them such a thrill!

Masshole Mommy
8 years ago

What a super fun idea for the kiddos. I love how easy it is and the kids get so excited when their beans start to sprout!!

8 years ago

what a really great craft and i love the seed idea and watching it grow

Jennifer Brown
8 years ago

Cute cute! All mine are boys, didn't get to do neat stuff like this.

8 years ago

What a fun idea for crafting with kids, I like it. I remember doing this as a kid at school, was watching that seed every single day.

Amanda McMahon
8 years ago

Nice idea. Thanks for sharing. My kids absolutely love planting things.

8 years ago

Too cute! I love educational crafts! 🙂 We have done this in film canisters.

Journeys of The Zoo
8 years ago

Everything you said about Cathy was spot on. we can now add &quot;crafter/DIYer&quot; to the list.<br /><br />What a fun craft. I totally want to try this. My kids love to watch things grow almost as much as I do. Be sure to provide us with an update post/picture.<br /><br />Besos, Sarah<br />Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

Katherine Bartlett
8 years ago

This is such a cute idea for kids to do!

Jamie F
8 years ago

I remember doing this in school, I can&#39;t wait to do this with my kids! Where can you get a bean seed?

Bibiana Bailey
8 years ago

Awww, that is neat! I am pinning this to do with my kids over the weekend. Such a great idea 🙂