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March Break Fun with Linky! #WW

March Break #WW

Last week we were off enjoying March Break and here is a glimpse of our week!

We attended a Raptors game (where unfortunately they lost) but my son taught me a lot about basketball and it was fun to just spend some one on one time with him. He has quite the humour!

March Break #WW

We went for a couple of hikes as the weather has finally let up and the snow is starting to melt. The views by the lakefront were spectacular!

March Break #WW

We went bowling where my eldest and I tried to re-gain our Number One Title but we lost to my husband and youngest son (we still say there was definitely some cheating going on by those two!).

March Break #WW

To top it off we baked and baked!!

Mommy and Me Baking During March Break #DKCanada

What have you been up to this week?

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Hitting The Hills at Blue #WW with linky


I am so proud of the skills my children showed on the hills last week that this week’s #WW post is all about them!

Check out their snowboarding and skiing moves:






These boys officially kicked my butt on the hills!! And looked so adorable doing so.

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Have a great #WW!


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Happy (early) Valentine’s Day #WW w/linky


Wishing you a very Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!


Here is some of what we have been up to:


Lots of crafts!



What special activities or outings do you have planned for this weekend?

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Getting Into The Holiday Season #WW with Linky

Thanksgiving has past and for the first time we have our Christmas decorations up before December! My little ones helped with the decoration this year and I couldn’t wait to show off their hard work on our tree.

They chose a new colour for our tree this year (the first time it has been updated in over ten years!) and went with a green and silver theme.

I found this snowman at the Dollar Store and it has been one of my favourite finds so far this year! He is so bright and cheery and sitting near our television.

My two rescue Santa’s! My parent’s were cleaning up their home and were ready to get rid of a bunch of old decorations. I couldn’t bare to part with these memories so I ended up taking a large box back home with me and these two are just a small part of what I saved.

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#TargetTrickorTweet in Toronto #WW w/linky

Everyone that knows me knows how much I LOVE Halloween. The last week of September I slowly start to bring out my Halloween decorations and by the end of the first week I am full blown decorating everywhere (as I write this I just finished decorating my work’s receptions area). Halloween is the my favourite holiday and this year I was able to attend Target’s #TargetTrickorTweet event in Toronto to view all the upcoming Halloween trends, sample treats, face painting and shopping all the awesome deals.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the weekend:

They made him out of complete LEGOs! How incredible is that? Just behind this was a table set up for kids to make their own Dracula LEGO figure.

The decorations and set up was incredible! If I could have picked it all up and taken it home with me I would have.

My boys chose these out as their faves: 

My little love and I taking a picture – he was so nervous with dog!

I can honestly say I now want to host my own children’s Halloween party this year (now to convince the hubby!) as I fell in love with Target’s spooky candy bar.

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