Covergirl Clump Crusher #ECBeautyBox

I recently received a fabulous Beauty Box from Elle Canada full of goodies! They were Elle Canada’s Fall 2013 Must Haves!
I was curious about Covergirl’s Clump Crusher as I am a loyal fan of their Lash Blast. I am one of those individuals that as soon as I find a makeup product that works I am hooked! There is just no going back for me – I get stuck in my comfort zone and that is how I feel about my Last Blast.
What struck me about their Clump Crusher mascara was that the tip is actually curved as if to follow the natural curve of your eyelash and to encourage the lengthening of each individual lash. I also found that the tips on the bristle seemed to be more pronounced which really helped separate each lash and prevent any of them from clumping. It took me a while to figure out to handle the wand properly!

What I was really interested in seeing was how these two mascaras would add up against each other so I put them to the test! For one week I tried the Clump Crusher with my two favourite work looks – natural with eyeliner and again with eyeshadow. I wanted to compare the comfort level of each mascara, it’s ability to lengthen my eyelashes, clumping of the mascara and just the overall look.

So how did they stack up?

Here is my almost daily look – eyeliner with mascara (it is so hard to get myself ready in the morning along with two children!). This look was with the Clump Crusher.

Here is how the Clump Crusher mascara looked like with eyeshadow to also help enhance the eyes.

So which one did I prefer?
I did like the fact that the Covergirl Clump Crusher stuck to its promise of delivering beautifully separated lashes BUT I still preferred the lengthening aspect of my Covergirl Lash Blast! I find the Covergirl Last Blast provides the best overall look providing long, volumized lashes with minimal clumps.
Have you tried either Covergirl products before? What is your preferred mascara?


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4 thoughts on “Covergirl Clump Crusher #ECBeautyBox
  1. Malia

    I don't use mascara because i haven't found one I like. I'll have to pick up some covergirl and give it a try!