The Dancing Master: Review & Giveaway

I am not shy to admit it – I LOVE historical romances. I am not fussy with certain eras I love them all. There is just something about the magic of centuries long ago, the women in their gowns and the romance. I am constantly downloading one after another on my Kindle for reading. 
The Dancing Master written by Julie Klassen follows the story of Alec Valcourt and Julia Midwinter. Alec Valcourt moves to his uncle’s cottage along with his mother and sister in remote Devonshire in the hopes of starting over from his family’s scandalous past in London. He is shocked to learn that the village matriarch has banned all acts of dancing including lessons and balls due to a tragic memory from her past (Alec Valcourt is a Dancing Master who teaches young men and women the fine art of dancing).
Alec Valcourt finds an ally in the matriarch’s daughter Julia Midwinter. Together they help each other learn about the secrets of their past and carve their own future.
The Dancing Master is written from the perspectives of both Alec and Julia allowing us to have a glimpse into both the characters of Alec and Julia – which I really loved as it helped to develop their personalities and get to know the inner workings of their minds. The novel was full of interesting turns and spins – most I would never have guessed! So it really kept me wanting to turn each page and not put it down (to my husband’s dismay!). It had just the perfect amount of romance – nothing overwhelming but simple, innocent first love.
Julie Klassen is a graduate of the University of Illinois and has sixteen years of publishing under her belt. She now writes full time. She is a three time Christy award winner and a 2010 Midwest Book Award Winner.
You can purchase a copy of the book here.
Rating: 5/5


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28 thoughts on “The Dancing Master: Review & Giveaway
  1. Kisa

    Thanks for sharing about the book and the giveaway! I too love historical romances but haven't read one in years sadly. :/ This sounds like a great one to read to get back into that habit.

  2. Jessica Harlow

    I'm a big fan of historical fiction and if there's a little romance add in, I consider that a bonus too! lol This read sounds like one I'd enjoy!

  3. KLPMiller

    I'm always looking for the "next" thing to read. I also love historical fiction, so this sounds like a good match for me!

  4. Rachel Ralston

    I love reading all kinds of books, and you can never go wrong with historical fiction. I have a hard time when I am trying to go to bed when I am reading a good book, so this sounds like it would be perfect fit for me! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Curtis Giroux

    I read all sorts of books but as a 19 year old guy I can surely say I've never seen or read anything about historical romances; my mother is addicted to them though!

  6. Joanna Sormunen

    I love historical novels. They transport you into world of romance and elegance and make you forget all about the boring reality. I must check this one out. Thank you!

  7. Veronica Spriggs

    I LOVE historical romances too! especially when the deal with the royals or the courts. i just love seeing the costumes. I sure wish i had time to read like i used to this sounds like a lovely book

  8. gsmarjara

    Romance is romance be it your age or historical. Dancing master, the title of this novel it self is tempting and your reviews are attractive enough, I have two books in hand and this may be next. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Aio Kona

    After reading your review, I guess its time for me to take a breather from all the crime and suspense novels I have been reading. Once in a while I pick up an inspirational book or romance novel. I guess I found the right one. Thanks for sharing.